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Teaching Service Enquiries:
Joanna Dunton
Joanne Cornes

01248 383 618

After School Teaching Service

Providing specialist teaching support for school-age children in Welsh, English and Maths

  • Individually tailored lessons to primary and secondary school-age children who may benefit from extra tuition in reading, writing and/or maths.

  • The After School Teaching Service lessons are delivered by experienced, qualified dyslexia specialist teachers with the assistance of undergraduate and graduate members of the School of Psychology at Bangor University.

  • Our teaching approach caters for children in bilingual education as well as those in single language schooling, and we provide sessions in English or Welsh.

  • Sessions can be carried out individually or in compatible pairs/groups of three.

  • Study skills and curriculum support are also available for secondary school pupils.

  • An initial skills assessment is carried out to allow us to develop lessons tailored to suit the needs of your child.


When do the sessions take place?
Currently the Teaching Service provides one-hour-long lessons of Welsh, English or Maths from Monday to Thursday from 4-6pm. These sessions occur throughout the year.


Get in touch

Since the Service is designed for individual needs, it is advisable to phone the Centre to make arrangements that are best suited to you and your child. For more information about the After School Teaching Service contact:

Joanna Dunton                                                       Julia Keeves
email: j.dunton@bangor.ac.uk                                email: j.keeves@bangor.ac.uk

tel: 01248 383618                                                 tel: 01248 383618

If you are interested in enrolling your child onto the After School Teaching Service, please phone: 01248 383618

Alternatively click here to download the form for further information and either email to j.cornes@bangor.ac.uk or post to Teaching Service, Miles Dyslexia Centre, Bangor University LL57 2DG.

We will get back to you with more details regarding available sessions for your child.