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Leap into Literacy

An individualised teaching programme providing group and one-to-one tuition for school-aged children.

What is Leap into Literacy?

The Miles Centre Teaching Service runs Leap into Literacy programmes throughout the year, aimed at improving skills in reading, writing and oral language. These programmes offer a balanced mixture of group, paired and individual learning activities delivered in English or Welsh under supervision of our specialist teaching staff.

Our teaching approach is designed for children in monolingual or bilingual education and the programme is suitable for any child who may benefit from extra tuition and support in literacy, tailored to their individual needs.

We focus on reading and writing skills alongside activities for developing oral language.

Time is devoted to supporting and promoting your child's writing and spelling. Children also engage in oral activities including listening to stories, learning vocabulary and working with words, which are skills that will support their reading development.

There is of course time for some fun activities, organised games and strengthening of social skills.

What will my child gain from the Leap into Literacy programme?

Leap into Literacy is delivered by Miles Centre's specialist, experienced teaching staff and in collaboration with graduate and undergraduate members of the School of Psychology.

At the end of the programme participating children receive take home activity packs including activity sheets and a certificate of achievement. In addition, you will receive a follow-up letter with a summary report including ideas and suggestions for suitable activities to help your child maintain progress.

Skills assessment reports pinpointing areas of strengths and needs are also available upon request. For details and cost of these please contact members of the Teaching Service. (j.dunton@bangor.ac.uk, or j.cornes@bangor.ac.uk).

When is Leap into Literacy?

Leap into Literacy occurs periodically throughout the year in two formats; either Saturday Mornings for six to eight weeks during term time, or a week-long daily intensive course during summer holidays.

Next Saturday Morning Sessions: TBA

Next Week-Long Daily Courses: TBA

Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in enrolling your child for any of these upcoming programmes.

How do I register?

For more information and cost details about the Leaps programmes, contact Joanna Dunton or Joanne Cornes on 01248 38 3618

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