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Miles Dyslexia Centre: the centre for assessment, support and research

Information About The MDC

The Miles Dyslexia Centre is a self-financing, nationally and internationally renowned, specialised Centre within the School of Psychology, at Bangor University, North Wales.

The Centre was the first unit of its kind to be established combining research into dyslexia with clinical work, based on groundwork by the acclaimed Professor Tim Miles OBE who began work on Dyslexia in the 1960s.

The Miles Dyslexia Centre today is active in all fields of dyslexia work: teaching primary and secondary school children; screening and assessment for dyslexia; supporting students with dyslexia within the University; training of teachers for work with dyslexic children; providing information on dyslexia to the general public; and research. Members of the MDC can provide information and advice, both to the general public and in the form of talks and posters to dyslexia associations and other bodies.

The MDC was set up by Professor Emeritus T R Miles OBE when he was Head of the School of Psychology, and it has grown steadily ever since with the number of children, adults and students that it helps increasing every year.

A Brief History

  • 1970s. Following several major stepping stones in the early 1970's including the setting up of a full time MEd course in Dyslexia and a formal agreement to work for the LEA in 1974. The Unit was recognised as a specialised Unit within the University offering support to Bangor University students in 1977.
  • 1980s. Throughout the 1980s, there was significant progress for the Unit in terms of leading publications including 'The Bangor Teaching System' by Elaine Miles and the establishment of a Certificate Course for teachers. In 1989 Xavier Educational Software being set up to develop computer programmes based on the teaching programmes developed in Bangor.
  • 1990s. In the 1990s the Unit strengthened with a formal Directorship and a full-time Student Tutor being appointed. There were also several publications and grants specifically for the production of Welsh materials and Welsh teaching programmes for dyslexic children.
  • Into the 21st Century. The Unit's work in the fields of teaching, assesssment and research continues to develop. Victor van Daal (Director 2000 - 2003) lead a team of researchers in Bangor as part of the Welsh Dyslexia Project, and organized a successful International Conference in Bangor in July 2003.
  • In November 2003 the Dyslexia Interest Group was formed to formalise the Unit's association with The Learning, Language and Development Group in the School of Psychology with the aim of reinforcing the links between theroy and practice.
  • In 2008 Dr Markéta Caravolas took the role of Director
  • In 2009 a the Dyslexia Unit was renamed the Miles Dyslexia Centre in honour of Professor Tim Miles OBE and the work he has contributed to the world of Dyslexia.