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Miles Dyslexia Centre: the centre for assessment, support and research

T.R. Miles Lecture

Saturday 9th November 2013

9.45 - 1.00

Main Arts Campus , Bangor University

Lecture: Learning to read. Is English really more difficult than other languages? Dr. Marketa Caravolas, Senior Lecturer, School of Psychology. Director, Miles Dyslexia Centre

Talks and workshops

Access arrangements for GCSE exams 2014

Recent Research - what does it tell us about Dyslexia?

Identifying dyslexia in adults. Developing a new screening tool

Help for dyslexic learners. What can the Miles Dyslexia Centre offer to parents and schools?

The T.R. Miles Lecture is an open event and free to those not intending to stay for the whole morning.

Fee for the whole morning: £25

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